Our Services

Auto Insurance Technical Support

  • The OKChexian(China’s Leading InsurTech)’s ONE & ONLY agency in Southeast Asia
  • Technology authorization including but not limited to
  1. MIoA (Mobile Internet of Auto)
  2. Driving and Trip Detection
  3. Driving Behavior Detection and Analysis
  4. Driving Score.


DAICO Platform

  • The world’s first realization of DAICO model
  • A brand new model where the enterprise and the investors are part of an integrated team with both sides answerable to each other in a fairly balanced digital organizational framework.


TokenPal—Digital Wallet Product

  • TokenPal Wallet sets out to be a digital wallet app for crypto and fiat assets, and also a gateway for innovative financial and insurance products and services—
  1. serves the unbanked and the underinsured;
  2. makes available financial services to more people;
  3. technologies included: mobile, blockchain, AI, big data, etc.